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Характеристики inheritance и описание

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Human life on earth strongly depends upon a countable number of plant species. Most important food crops that are being utilized in the world are wheat, rice, corn and sorghum. Among them wheat(Triticum aestivum, L) is the most widely grown crop and is highly esteemed in the world. Diallel cross technique is one of the most efficient technique which can provides information to exploit the genetic mechanism and inheritance pattern for manipulation of polygenic traits involved in early generations and are particularly suited to autogamous crops like wheat. Thus this technique enable plant breeder to screen his breeding material in early generations. The present studies are, therefore, initiated with the prime objective to get the comprehensive knowledge about nature of gene action and magnitude of its contribution to various characters in a 5 ? 5 diallel cross. Information derived may be effectively exploited in developing and formulating an efficient breeding program for the evolution of better quality and high yielding varieties.